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Rhode Island Department of Education
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Welcome to Information Works!

Welcome to the 7th edition of Information Works!, Rhode Island's annual report on public education.

The report cards show the results of the 2003 state assessments, socioeconomic data, financial data on school spending, and much more.

To begin, you can currently search for an individual School Report Card. The User’s Guide gives detailed information on all the charts and graphs in these reports.

The State Report Card provides data on the state as a whole, and a Spanish translation is now available.


Profile of Rhode Island Public Schools

Students 159,205
Teachers 11,307

Public Schools

  Public schools operated by local school districts 301
Public schools operated by the state through Boards of Trustees 3
Public charter schools operated by local districts 3
Public charter schools operated by nonprofits 6
Area Career & Technical Schools 7
Collaboratives 1

School Districts

  Public school districts 36
State school districts 4
Charter school districts 6
    For further information call the Rhode Island Department of Education at 401-222-4600 x2182.
Information Works! is produced in collaboration with the National Center on Public Education.