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Welcome to Information Works! 2003

This is the sixth edition of Information Works!, which includes a State Report Card as well as detailed reports on every public school and school district in the state. These reports contain the results of the 2002 state assessments, socioeconomic data, financial data on school spending, and much more.

To begin, you can search for an individual School Report Card or District Report Card, or you can compare schools and districts or examine statewide data by using the State Report Card. The User’s Guide gives information on all the charts and graphs in these reports.

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Rhode Island
Department of Education
National Center on
Public Education
University of Rhode Island

User's Guide
Explanations of all the charts, graphs, and tables that appear in the school, district, and state reports
  Comparing Schools: The Value-Added Lists
Tables that show how students in each school perform on state assessments in comparison with similar students statewide
School Performance Categories
Tables that list schools by performance category—high, moderate, or low—and that show which schools are improving and which are not
  Special Education
Supplementary information about the students with special educational needs, including information about academic performance, suspension data, and demographics
Learning Support Indicators
Statistical information on six school characteristics: Graduation Rate, Health Knowledge and Skills, Instructional Practices, Parental Engagement and Involvement, School Climate, and Time in School
  Commissioner's Remarks
The state-of-education letter from Peter McWalters, commissioner of elementary and secondary education, and the text of his annual address to the General Assembly
Career and Technical Education
Supplementary information about the state-operated Career & Technical High School and the seven district-operated Area Career & Technical High Schools
  Technical Bulletins
Background papers that provide the technical information that supports Information Works!, such as how schools are categorized and how the learning-support indicators are calculated


For further information call the Rhode Island Department of Education at 401-222-4600 x2182.
Information Works!  is produced in collaboration with the National Center on Public Education & Social Policy.